Deepak Pradeep

Product Designer


Mobility QA Integrated

Period: April 2013 - November 2014
Company: Fortune 200 IT Consulting Company
Role: UI/Brand Designer
Deliverable: UI Mockups & Marketing Collateral

Problem Summary

To accommodate the rising market demand for mobile app testing services, and to differentiate itself from other service providers, the company wanted to develop a consortium of in-house mobile app testing software and device cloud server infrastructure that would be marketed under one brand: Mint - Mobility QA Integrated.

The vision was to have one service provider that would serve tools for mobile app test automation, a mobile device cloud for live mobile app testing from around the globe, and consulting services for mobile app testing strategy.


The primary goal was to create the umbrella brand of Mint, while making sure the products under the brand met good design standards.

The secondary goal was to create marketing collateral to advertise and help gain market share.


Mint was an umbrella brand that would contain 4 main products:

The following is an early sketch and UI mockups created for Mint Device (earlier called CSmartDevice):

Mint Device Sketch

Mint Device Sketch

Mint Device (Landing)

Mint Device (Landing)

Mint Device (Device Selection)

Mint Device (Device Selection)

Mint Device (Cloud Share)

Mint Device (Cloud Share)

Mint Device (Testing Zone)

Mint Device (Testing Zone)

Mint Device (Screen Undocked)

Mint Device (Screen Undocked)

I was also involved in creating marketing collateral for the products, ranging from brochures to presentations to videos. The following is a promotional video for BlueSim (a bluetooth simulation tool that is part of Mint Ex) that I created using Microsoft PowerPoint.


I was involved in the following fields during this project:

UI Design

Marketing Collateral Design

Front-end Development

Server Management


Tools and Technologies used in this project include: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Foundation Zurb, Swing (Java), Sublime Text, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache Tomcat, Tortoise SVN, Redmine


It is always a challenge to design at a company where design takes a backseat. This was the case here. The project was lacking of design processes such as wireframing, prototyping and user research. Though eliminating these processes saved time in the starting stages, they cost a lot of time when it came to reiterations in the later phases.

The business goals were realized as follows:

Note: Content and images were modified to remove client-sensitive and confidential information.

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